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Il faut nourrir sa foi par des lectures solides

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C. LEROUX: John XXIII. Initiator of the changes
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C. LEROUX: John XXIII. Initiator of the changes

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We all know the novelties introduced by Paul VI and John Paul II, but do we measure that they were all put at the honor place by John XXIII ? After a presentation of his careen path before his elevation to the pontifical throne, this booklet brings into light his new conception of ecumenism, his new vision of the world, his change of the Canon of the Mass, the removal of a lot of temporal and sanctoral feasts.

John XXIII blessed the edification of a global government under the aegis of the U.N.O. and started to build a new interrelgious community in the name of ecumenism. In a way he blessed the workers who are building the new Babel tower.

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